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Jeri Roraback, Ph. D.

Jeri started her own personal healing over twenty years ago, working on healing and transforming her own life. By using many different modalities in her personal healing's it has allowed her to bring these insights and information to her clients.

Since 2001 she has devoted her time and energy in assisting others both in private and group sessions. Her practice continues to expand not only here in the United States but has moved abroad into Greece, Norway, England and India

Jeri presently holds credentials as an Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Life Between Life Facilitator, Between Life Regression Therapist and also holds a Ph. D. in Metaphysical Sciences.

Jeri is also the author of The ABC’s Of Never Having Another Bad Hair Day, which blends her 40 year career as a hairstylist with her studies of metaphysical sciences.
It has become come clear to me that life really begins when we tap into our inner power. It is the center of learning where we grow and evolve to greater awareness. It is within that we can clearly identify early patterns and beliefs that have molded our life's decisions.

Whatever your reason for visiting this site let me put your mind at ease. In choosing hypnotherapy you have made the best choice. I believe in using the very best techniques available. I've seen many peoples lives transformed, yet I am sometimes still surprised by the sheer power of this safe and natural form of treatment. I hope that these pages will help you to gain an appreciation that hypnotherapy is every bit as powerful and effective as you might have hoped, and furthermore, is a completely safe and relaxing process.
       You can ask questions or book a session with Jeri:

  • $10 - Ask one question by email
  • $25 - Ask three questions by email
  • $35 - Speak to Jeri for 30 minutes (in person or by phone)
  • $60 - Speak to Jeri for 60 minutes (in person or by phone)
Hypnotherapy is used in order to assist and bring relief to those who are seeking support, guidance, and comfort for any number of ailments ranging from depression, insomnia, weight loss, stress, anger management, to grieving, lack of focus, nail biting and many others.

Healing is provided by applying mind/body techniques, giving harmony and balance to your consciousness. Through the use of many various methods, hypnotherapy is practiced in order to give confidence and the right mental fortitude in overcoming whatever issue the client may be facing.

The result of hypnotherapy is overwhelmingly positive and effective. Countless success stories exist attesting to the benefits of this technique. Many people have stopped smoking, lost weight, managed pain, remembered forgotten information, stopped other addictions, or improved their health and well-being through its use.

Jeri Roraback